Would You Let Yourself Permanently Inked?

If you asked me that question a couple of years back, I probably would have answered a resounding NO! Although I believe in tattoos as a form of artistic expression, I wouldn’t want myself to be permanently inked. I have nothing against people with tattoos on their bodies. I just don’t want it on my own.

But that was then. If you asked me that now, I probably would say, “I’ll think about it.” Why the sudden change of heart? Well, I learned that there is a tattoo removal cream available now. So that means when I get tired of the tattoo or when I feel that it’s no longer significant, I can use something topical to remove it.

Others go through painful means to remove tattoos. Others just let the tattoo fade away. But with the removal cream, tattoo can be removed easily and effortlessly. People would no longer think twice about getting themselves inked because of this new innovation.

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  1. Others find tattoo as their form of expression. But personally for me I do not go for it…I remember Claudine Barreto and Mark Anthony fernandez they have themselves tattoed with their names in their ankles only to encounter a problem of removing it after their break up. It is good to know that there are already tattoo removal creams, but for sure this does not totally removed the mark.

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