Working in Scrubs

I wonder, if you are a nurse or in any other medical profession, how many scrubs clothing would you need in order to work for six days a week? I am thinking of having two scrub pants and maybe four scrub tops. I can wear the pants for two days but I think I will have to change my top every day in order for me to be clean and well groomed. So it is like having four sets of uniform for the week. That should give me enough time to wash and iron my work clothes.
If I were a nurse, I will look for a cheap scrub without sacrificing quality. I am pretty sure that there many out there, it is just a matter of where to look for them. I would like to be fashionable on the job and I really appreciate those nicely designed and fashionable nursing scrubs available today. They make a nurse look pretty instead of the usual whites and greens that we always see in the hospital.

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