Women’s Health

For me, I believe women are often prone to health difficulties than men. Our body is subject to many changes in one lifetime. Our body produces different kind of hormones per stages in life from infancy, puberty, during intimate activity, pregnancy, after birth and menopause. Aside from the changes, pregnancy and child birth often carries a risk to women every time they undergo such stage.

In this day and age, I think that the government should also focus in women’s health. They should pass bills protecting its rights to live a better life. At some countries, there are already laws protecting women’s health and over all welfare but still there are some who are still abused. So hopefully, I pray that women will be protected everywhere.

Speaking about women’s health, I just saw a new way of losing weight. It is by taking oral hcg drops. They said that by taking such you will experience no hunger pains, increased weight loss, increased metabolism and no more sugar cravings. They also said this diet is convenient as you can mix this with easy food recipes. This can also be made as the special ingredient to your own diet shake. Many dieters using oral hcg drops report a loss up to 30 pounds in 30 days! Isn’t that amazing?

Anyway, what are your stands in the modern day issues on women’s health? The issues of weight loss (capitalized by pharmaceuticals, food industries and fashion – thinner the sexier stereotypes)? What do you think?

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