Women Safety Tips

It was just days before Christmas when reports came in of a woman, a teenage girl and a girl child was raped and killed. They were all victims of monstrous acts of misplaced manhood. It was just sad because they died horribly as the season of joy and happiness should abound.

Anyway, since we can’t prevent people from getting sick or becoming a psycho, women and girls should be vigilant with their safety. They must be aware that harm can be just around the corner no matter what the season will be.

So here are few tips on girl safety:
1. The oldest one of them all is “Don’t talk to strangers.” Even if they say that they knew your parents or your siblings don’t trust them immediately.
2. Never walk in dark places. Avoid passing through dark alleys especially when you are alone.
3. If it’s avoidable that you should work or go out during the night, always bring pepper spray that you can get easily if someone attacks.
4. Learn self-defense techniques such as karate or just learn to run fast!
5. Never wear sexy dresses on dark places that could attract people with bad intentions.
6. Always pray for safety and protection.

These are simple tips. If you have other suggestion, just comment below.

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