who’s your idol?

This was originally posted at Pinay Mommy Online last March 3, 2008.

JK, my friend from See Me for What You Will, tagged me this Q and A meme. Well, this would be easy for me because I only have one idol.

1. Who is/are your idol/s?

2. What characteristic/s does/do your idol/s possess/es that draws you to him/her/them?
He is unselfish. He gave his life for the sake of others might live.

3. What have you learned from him/her/them?
To share love unconditionally to other people.

4. Have you applied anything you’ve learned from your idol/s?
In progress.

5. What have you taught others based on what you’ve learned from your idol/s?
Yes. I am passing it to my children.

6. What are the things that you don’t like about your idol/s?

7. Have you done something to correct them?
NOPE. I am the one who needs to be corrected. LOL!!!

Now, I am tagging two other friends, both named Ruby!!

Ruby of Surviving Deployment.
Ruby of Simply the Best.

Mga Sangay, enjoy!

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