What is Millefiori?

Have you ever come across the term millefiori jewelry or pendant? You probably wondered what it was although perhaps you had an idea that it was somehow connected to Italy. The fact is, it is. Millefiori is actually an Italian word which means “a thousand flowers”. It’s the term given to an object made of Murano glass that’s filled with floral designs. If you have no idea what a Murano glass is, it is an ancient Venetian glass which gets its name from a region in Venice, Italy that’s known for glass-making. When you say millefiori, it’s taken to mean as a technique used in making jewelry and beads.
What is so significant about millefiori jewelry? That way it is made is in itself very special. Let’s just say that each piece is intricately made and with nary the use of machines. Each piece is carefully handcrafted. It’s no wonder then that they are considered to be very special. Not only is it meticulously made but only the best materials are used to create it. It’s something that has been in use dating back to the time of ancient Rome so you can just imagine how culturally rich its background is.
A murano millefiori pendant may not cost as much as gold or silver and perhaps it won’t be valued highly especially by expert gemologists or jewelers. Nevertheless, its aesthetic and composite qualities are enough to compensate for that. After all, it’s not always about quantity. Most of the time, it is about quality.

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