What Do I Really Need?

This is a question that my friend keeps asking herself. It seems that no matter what she does she could not lose weight. She takes what they call the best weight loss pills, tries to eat less, and burns calories by getting her bum off the chair.

She is okay with this on the first two weeks of her menstrual cycle. When the craving starts, then her stomach becomes bottomless. She craves any and every thing and after she has eaten what she has craved for, then she starts craving for another thing. And the cycle continues. She battles with both bloating and craving during her PMS. So what does she really need, I wonder? Is there something lacking in her system or is there something wrong with her body processes that she could not really stop herself? She has asked her physician about it and was not given good enough answers. I really want to help her out, but I have no idea because I myself have the same problem. 🙂

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