Weekend Treat for the Kids

I had to put work on hold earlier today because I had to go to my son’s school to watch his dance performance. After the presentation, I treated my kids to a fun day out. That meant eating lots of fattening foods and literally pigging out. Except for that part though, I enjoyed every minute I spent with my kids.

Actually, this is something we usually do every weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are our designated bonding days they’re at home the whole day. Not that we don’t bond every day, however, since there’s no classes, we’re all free to do anything we want to do. Of course, eating out often means additional weight for me. I find myself gaining more weight when I frequently eat out. I think I might need to look for the best weight loss supplement to help me curb the weight gain just in case.

Of course I don’t really mind the weight gain if it means spending more than the usually amount of time with my kids. Anyway, I can always find something to help me shed the unwanted pounds off.

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