Twilight Quizzes

I took several quizzes on Facebook yesterday in relation to Twilight. Here are the results of the quizzes I took:
Q: Who is your Twilight Soul Mate?
A: Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Your TWiLiGHT soulmate is Dr.Carlisle Cullen! You like a man who is cool, calm, and collected, is very compassionate, has an enchanting smile, is super friendly, and knows just what to do in any situation. I would quit eating those apples and start faking those colds, you don’t want Dr.McSparkley to go stay away. ;].
Q: Which Twilight character are you?
A: Esme Cullen
You are the mother vampire, Esme. You are the ultimate mom and love your family more than anyone ever could. You desire everyone’s happiness and support those around you. You aren’t much of a fighter, but you are willing to do what it takes. You are willing to reach out to those others may not like and include them..
Q: Are You A Vampire or Werewolf?
A: Vampire
You are a total bloodsucker! You are immortal, beautiful and sometimes scary. But you’ve been around long enough to have picked up a few talents along the way.

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  1. i love twilight and breaking dawn, but not the 2nd and 3rd book of the twilight saga.

    why don't you post the quiz here on your blog 🙂

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