A Treasure in Tacori

I grew up in a family of six siblings, four older brothers and one older sister. My sister once shared with me that the happiest moment of her life was the day I was born. There are three years between us. I am now 21 and she is 24. She was a tough girl, and had to be with four other brothers. She said on the day of my birth, as everyone eagerly waited to see whether I was to be a boy or a girl (back when ultrasounds were not mainstream), emotions and tensions were high. My brothers were teasing my sister about the fact that I was going to be a boy and my name was going to be Sammy. Well, they were right on the second part, my name is Samantha, nicknamed Sam, but I am very much a girl.

I mentioned earlier that my sister once told me the day I was born was the happiest moment of her life. Not for long! She is about to embark on one of the most important decisions a person makes in life—marriage. If it was possible for sisters to bond any closer than we were before making wedding plans, it definitely happened with us. We spent hours upon hours on florist, caterer, bride’s maid’s dress ideas, wedding gowns, and menu decisions. I introduced her future husband to my favorite jeweler, Tacori, where he picked out one of the most amazing Tacori engagement rings called The Emerald Cut Engagement Ring in Platinum. At her engagement party, she was speechless as she saw that beautiful ring and he placed it on her finger. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my sister and I hope I have already helped to make her future wedding day something she will always remember.

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