Thank God for Mama

I want to be honest here. Though I am a stay at home mommy, I am a very busy person. Aside from my online life of taking care 40 plus domains, I have to be a mommy to three beautiful children and each of them has different needs. Not to mention, I have a husband who works early in the morning and needs my attention before he goes to work.
One thing I am thankful for is my mother. I am glad that she is here to help me out. She cooks for us and even does the laundry. I don’t want her to do the laundry but she insisted. She said nobody can make our clothes clean but only her and no other paid “labanderas” can do it. And because I don’t want her to get tired easily, my husband and I bought her a wash machine last year so that it would be easier for her. She was happy when it arrived but still she loves doing the white clothes manually.
Anyway, since my mom is already old and is turning 62 this May. I told her to stop doing heavy household chores but she said, if she stops doing this, she will feel weak and eventually get sick. And because I don’t want my mom to get sick, I told her to ease up a little. I asked her to cook quick and easy recipes so that she won’t spend much time cooking. I also told her to do the laundry every three days because she is fond of doing it every day.
Last week, I already bought a ticket for her. I am sending her to a vacation back home to my dad. I want her to rest up and spend her birthday with my father. I know she misses my dad so I think going home would be a special treat for her including mother’s day. I love my mom and I want her to be happy always. She has done so many things for me since I was a child and I want to do great things for her too.

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