a tag about "i"

I got this tag from Caroland’s Breathtaking Adventure.

I AM… a proud mommy of two beautiful kids.
I WANT…to improve my mommy and wife skills.
I HAVE…a very supportive parents and wonderful children.
I WISH…to change few mistakes that I have done in the past to ease the pain of those I love.
I HATE…myself usually…I don’t hate others.
I FEAR… that my husband and I will stop fighting for our family.
I SEARCH…for ways to make our marriage a bliss.
I WONDER…why some people hurt other people when they know it’s bad.
I REGRET…the mistakes that I have done.
I LOVE…God, my husband and kids, my family, my friends, my relatives and my blogs…hehehe!
I AM NOT…perfect and I will stay this way.
I DANCE…sometimes.
I SING…sometimes. I just can’t carry a tune.
I CRY….almost every week. Why? My blog can tell.
I WRITE…because I want to earn money while at home; so that my kids will have something to eat. My husband’s salary is not enough. And, I enjoy doing it and making new friends. Just being honest!!
I WON…my children’s love!!!!
I AM CONFUSED…many times.
I NEED…to be a tough person so that this marriage of mine will survive.
I SHOULD…PUSH always! Pray.Until.Something.Happens.

For this, I am tagging Nelle, Mars and Mica. Enjoy!!

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