Stupid and Stubborn

There are many things that may be considered and stubborn. It could be painful corn on your feet. It could be hemorrhoids. It could be a migraine. It could be a gossiping neighbor. It could be a useless husband. Or it could be belly fat.

These are just some of the things that I find really tough to endure. But they are there and we just have to live with them. Some things are easier to take care of, because for example, I can easily find the fastest ways to lose belly fat. As for the neighbor, of course, I cannot just uproot our entire household and find another neighbor. Or I cannot sell my husband as second hand. As for the migraine, well, there are always many kinds of pain killers that really work.

Anyway, I guess these are what the apostle refers to in the Bible as thorns in the flesh—things or people that make our lives miserable—if we allow them. I guess I will just have to accept the fact that they are there and to live with them… sigh…

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  1. haha so true! as for me, it is people. some people. or at least a couple of people. they are the thorns of my flesh. but by God’s grace, i am slowly overcoming my inis towards them.

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