Some like it Hot

Most people prefer spicy foods and I would have to say they do so for a good number of reasons. Are you aware that eating chili peppers produce great benefits? It has a substance in it called capsaicin which is very potent. This substance is responsible for that hot feeling you get when you eat spicy foods.

It can relieve arthritis and fight off sinus infections. For women, eating chili peppers or at least incorporating them in the dishes you prepare will increase the possibility of an improved metabolism, not to mention that the capsaicin in peppers is a natural appetite suppressant. Hmm, chili peppers as a weight loss and fat burning aid? Sounds great right? Chili peppers can also reverse skin aging. Now that’s something I’m interested in because I’m not getting any younger.

So now I understand why some like it hot. Not only do chili peppers enhance the flavor of foods. They also benefit our bodies in more ways than one.

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