Skin Care Routine: Aging Gracefully

I am already approaching my mid-30s and sometimes I can’t help but get worried about getting old. Not that I dread growing old but I don’t want it to happen drastically. Just like what others said, I want to age gracefully.

Since I grew up of not having a daily routine with my skin, I am having a hard time implementing a skin care routine right now. I find myself testing a lot of methods and toiletries to help me take care of my skin and thus age gracefully in time.

As I struggle to find a routine to be comfortable with, here are several things that I occasionally do from time to time that I believe a woman should be doing no matter how young or old she is. For me, it might be too late to develop this as a daily habit but I find myself doing it in an on and off manner. I believe these are the key factors of getting skin care.

1. Drinking  8 Glasses of Water a Day. It is not an old adage but almost everyone in the world believes the importance of drinking water to stay healthy. Not only to live healthy but also to have a supple skin. When I was in high school, I thought that I am the mosquitoes’ favorite but later I found out that my dry skin was causing the itchiness in my legs causing terrible scars that I am dreadfully regretting up to this time. Water keeps the skin soft and healthy.

2. Vitamin E Supplements. I think you don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to know about this. Everyone knows that Vitamin E can make our skin healthy too. It makes it soft and supple. Free from radicals that speeds up aging. I take mine aside from other health supplements that I have.

3. Moisturizers. A good moisturizer to prevent dry skin is a great help too! The skin that stays moisturized is a healthy one. As you can see it is also a great way to be free from the itchiness of dry skin. Get one that is not too fragrant but just enough to make your skin smooth all the day, an added sunscreen protection is a plus too! The sun nowadays can damage skin faster than ever before.

4. Stay Out of Direct Sunlight. This might be very hard for me since I don’t usually bring an umbrella. I am too lazy for that. That is why instead of going out on broad daylight I prefer doing my errands early mornings but most of the time in the late afternoon. You might have a different lifestyle than me so bring an umbrella when you go out. Stay out from the damaging sun rays.

5. Laugh Often. I don’t laugh when I am alone but I do when I watch funny movies. So laugh often. It releases the tension on your face thus preventing wrinkles to accumulate. Laughing releases us from stress too.

If you noticed, I don’t use anything on my face. I rarely do since I am allergic on mostly anything that touches my face. I get pimples from them. So I only use water and a mild soap or a facial wash. Since I am no longer working, I rarely use make-up.

So far, these are the things that I usually put in mind when I want to achieve my goal of getting old gracefully. I just don’t want to look older faster. I just want to look my age with a healthy soft and supple skin. Question, do I have one yet? The answer is NO. I think my skin is still dry that is why I am fighting so hard to do my daily routine especially drinking 8 glasses of water a day!

How about you? Do you have your own skin care routine?? Can you share some of it?

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