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I rarely make reviews on health related sites and products but to make a diverse post here in my blog, I have decided to make one. So, I have decided to talk about the site that I came across with –!

Well, I have chosen this site because even I myself am experiencing blackheads in this day and age. Getting information on how to get it treated is my way to go for it!

Now, talking about the site –, I find the site very informational. It contains basic information on what blackheads are and what causes it. Then it ends with recommendations on what product you might want to buy for blackhead removal. Aside from that, it offers expert reviews on many well-known products to cure blackheads.

The site is easy to use and very much “consumer-friendly” since it offers links to online shops where you can buy the products they have reviewed and recommended. The layout is simple and easy to eyes. They also have provided a way for them to be contacted and a blog for continuous discussion about blackheads, its treatment and cure.

For my own opinion, I guess the site have made a good job in providing consumers a way to find the cure to their blackheads the easier way. No need to search for each products individually because all the things you need are already there!

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