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I started online shopping late last year. Though I have been online for almost two decades, I was able to make my first purchase just last year and was subsequently followed several times. So, when online shopping is concerned, I am a late bloomer, my confidence only developed recently. LOL!
After several purchases online and all of them were successful, I got the feeling that it will happen again many times this year. So budget, keep watch!!
Speaking about the budget and online shopping, I made peace with myself. I said, I won’t go online shopping unless I get the best deals there is. Just like at KOHLS, they have all the greatest finds online. That is why I promised myself to find amazing kohls coupons first before browsing at their site, so just in case I find something I like, I can avail of discounts big time!
Anyway, while I was checking out for kohls coupons, I saw several of them. I saw a coupon that could give you up to 40% discount on Outerwear, up to 65% on Women’s Clothing, 65% off on confomters, 50% off on Pima bath towels and many more!! And just now, they are offering a whooping 99 cents standard shipping fee on every item!! Isn’t that amazing?!!
Gosh, I guess 2011 is a great year to save and shop! If I continually get savings like these, there will be more chances of spending less and shopping for more! Not to mention, toys and women’s bags get to have discounts too! Yay!

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