Rude Customer Service

I am really quite disappointed with the new owner of the server I am renting right now. It seems that they always have problems and the customer support representative at the online chat service doesn’t know anything. Aside from that, the email support is so rude. What happened to the tagline “Customer is always right?” I mean I am not right but I wish they could conduct themselves politely after all I already paid for one year!

The most disappointing part is that I have bought a reseller hosting plan with them and paid for one year. I could not market as much as I could because of the problems they have with their server. Every time I update my site, I find myself logging into different servers, my old server from my old hosting and the server of my new hosting. The worst of them all is that when I am in my old server, I can access my blog directory freely but when I am in my new server, I am getting plenty of errors and I couldn’t login at my admin panel!

I am not really techie but I don’t know what is happening. The email support of the new server says that they are having some infrastructure upgrade and that probably causes the problem. Well, I still say it’s weird and it is giving me stress. On top of that, it’s making me profitless! Instead of earning, I am broke with all the hiring of php programmers to update a problem that we don’t know if we are hitting it right because we don’t know if we are logging on the same server or what!

Anyway, I just hope they are able to finish the entire problem and investigate. It’s really hard for time to fly me by and be profitless when you have children to feed!

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