The Return of the Comeback

A few months ago, I lost my page rank of 3 in this blog. That was the reason I was not able to continue doing some orders for our Blogging for Cause campaign for my daughter’s surgery. I was left with my other blog which doesn’t deal more on personal blog reviews but for sites that relates to blogging improvements, online shopping and websites only.
When my page rank was lost, I contemplated of getting a domain for this blog and then after a few days, I bought the domain but I didn’t used it immediately. I said I will wait, maybe my page rank will come back but it didn’t but still, I didn’t used the domain instead started another blog named A Woman’s Nook. Then a few months have passed, my page rank didn’t came back. So I decided to buy a domain name again which was, I used it here for a few months until I decided to strip the domain and start a new blog which was later called All in One Woman. So, this blog returned to its former URL which is still bearing a N/A pagerank. I didn’t mind at all and was still hoping that someday its page rank would return. So I decided to wait it out.
And guess what, after two months plus without having a page rank, I was in for a surprise when my page rank returned a couple of weeks ago. Thank God!
Now, I am planning to continue my Blogging for a Cause posts even though my daughter’s surgery was already done a month ago. I don’t mind if they donate to the cause or not. As long as I am able to finish some of those orders, I am happy. Besides, I am planning to post reviews only when time permits but not every day. 😉

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