Prom Dresses 2010

Last year, I have posted about prom dresses 2009. It gave every girl a heads up of what fashionable prom dresses to be worn on their most awaited day.So now, let me take you into another tour on the fashionable prom dresses 2010!

Let us start our journey by checking out the short prom dresses this 2010. Wearing a short prom dress is really a must if you have long and sleek legs. Short prom dresses will emphasize your leg assets thus making a stand out appearance.

Here are several short prom dresses that I find very attractive:

prom dresses 2010
prom dresses 2010
prom dresses 2010Take note; always match your short prom dress with a stiletto of the same color.

Now, let us go to the elegant prom dresses for 2010. Let us start off with Mori Lee’s sweet and innocent line of long prom dresses. These ones are my favorite. I love pastel shades of pink and blue!

prom dresses 2010

If you don’t find pastel colors to your preferences, I guess Clarisse prom dresses 2010 will suit you. Floral and plain designs in astonishing mix and match of fabrics will definitely make you a head turner of the night! This black and white inspired gown with floral prints is my best bet!

prom dresses 2010

Jovani prom dresses 2010 have a boost of spectacular fabric and stylish designs. Most are in print and some have electric pleated skirts. These prom dresses can be used in other occasions too. As they blend well in different settings.

prom dresses 2010prom dresses 2010

Clarisse, Mori Lee and Jovani are designers that have been featured not only in magazines but also in Hollywood movies. Their prom dresses are unique and carefully designed to perfection!

Remember, you can always save for the prom dress of your choice or show it to mom or dad before you ran out of these beautiful designs. Better get it early!

Anyway, Mori Lee does not only design dresses for prom but also wedding dresses, bride and the rest of the entourage as well! So, before I end this prom dresses 2010 post, let me show you some of Mori Lee’s wedding dresses. Aren’t they beautiful?

wedding dress 2010
wedding dress 2010

Now, check out Mori Lee’s designs for the bridesmaid. Each design has several colors to choose from depending on the wedding’s color theme. They have these dresses in pink, purple, green, blue and more. Here are some bridesmaid gowns that I taken note of because of their stunning elegance and simplicity.

bridesmaid dress
bridesmaid dress
So, that is all folks. This is your heads up post on prom dresses 2010 with slight touch of wedding dresses!


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