Planning on a Back Pain Treatment & More

For the past few days, my movements have become so limited. Why? Well, I am suffering from joint pains both at upper and lower limbs. The pain made me ache whenever I move. Not only that but I also suffer from neck pain and back pain. With me being in pain, I tend to rest a bit from my online and offline activity.
Since I haven’t been to a doctor, my family has their own theories what might have caused this. Some of them believe that it is an outcome of my diet. I ate too much pork that it might cause me arthritis. Some thinks I lack physical exercise. I always set in front of my computer because that is where I work so it causing me these pains. Some thinks it has something to do with my UTI, somewhat a complication. God forbid! Anyway, whatever the cause is, I am sure that the pain I am feeling is real.
On my next payday, I am planning to a medical check up, back pain treatment, and more! I need to know the cause and the name of the pain I am suffering. Aside from that, I think I need to ask the doctor where I need to buy a neck pain pillow to help soothe my problem. The pillow I have at home is not helping me. I think I should be given the right orthopedic pillow to help lessen the pain and maybe improve my condition. And I need a constructive advice on what food to avoid. It’s hard to avoid eating the pork since I love eating veggies with meat!
Since its Christmas season, I think I will have my “plan” commence next year. I have to prioritize some Christmas agenda as of the moment. Don’t want to break my children’s holiday cheer, right?

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