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This tag was given to Pinay Mommy Online by Nelle of Lucid Creativity. It was really nice of her coming-up with a new tag. Hey girl! Thanks for remembering me.

Anyway, you might be wondering why you are directed to this blog instead of Pinay Mommy Online. OK, let me explain. Word came out that a blog that participates with tags or memes or any form of viral linking will not make Google happy. Instead, he will strip-off or wouldn’t give a PR to that blog. So, as much as I wanted to have my very first Google Page Rank for Pinay Mommy Online, I don’t want to turn down a tag but I would still do it in this blog. I called it Love Blog because it is intended to pursue friendship with my co-bloggers and give love to other blogs. How does this blog give love to other blogs? Simple, this blog of mine here will not be asking for an exchange link nor allow itself to be listed in other blogs. Why? Because this blog gives love through giving your blog a one-way link which in turns becomes a benefit for your pursuit of your Google Page Rank too!

To my co-blogger friends, please continue to tag Pinay Mommy Online in your blogs and I will be putting up the tag here. In this way, we shall all benefit from this love blog of mine. Thank you for visiting and I hope in your usual rounds, even though this blog is not listed in your blogroll, you will find a way to remember and visit this blog. Thank you again and God bless you!!

By the way, please don’t include this on your tag. The tag starts below this. Hehehe….

>>>> Tag Starts Here <<<<

Pay it Forward (Comments Edition)

Okay one precious thing a blogger just like me can get is a comment/reaction to a specific post you have made. And being friends with co-blogger is a great bonus! Why not put them together and make our virtual world pure fun and loving.

Just like the movie “Pay It Forward”, its all about good deeds and everything follows. . .

All you have to do is to give 1 comment to at least 3 person. 1 comment per post and as much as possible, make your comment relevant to their post so they get quality comment and not a “cute nice spam”. And then tag them to do the same. Note that You can tag as many bloggers as u want, which means you will be commenting on all of them too! Those who are tagged, should give back the love and comment on the site who tagged them.

meaning: 1st person (tag and start commenting) – – > 2 person (been tagged, give a comment back to 1st person, tag and start commenting) – – > 3rd person (been tagged, give comment back to 2nd person, tag and start commenting) – – until eternity – –

Then add your link here:

Nelle, Pinay Mommy Online, OnlineBiz and Resources, INSERT YOUR LINK HERE

>>>> Tag Ends Here <<<<

For this new tag, I am paying this forward to: Mommy Lalaine, Mommy Janet, Mommy Liza, Mommy Sheng, Mommy Gamay, Mommy Carlota, Mommy Jennie Mommy Cielo and Mommy Mars.


  1. since you tagged me, i will comment the post here as well. im not sure which blog to comment on, so im going to comment on both of your blogs! 🙂

    this is one of the most interesting tag that i have ever got. thanks mommy ruby for tagging me! have a nice day mommy! ^_^

  2. thanks mommy ruby! i will do this tag on my other blog too, not because of the google ranking but because a simple life won’t be tag for a while for PPP reasons. PPP did not approve it because there were so many tags and memes.

    i don’t think google is really on the look out for blogs doing tags and memes, moms… check nyo & a simple life have doing a lot of those. 2 months ago both got a pr4, it went back to pr0 because of my paid posts. i never expected to get them back. yesterday afternoon, i was surprised to find both blogs with pr2. i don’t know how i got them back, hindi nga lang pr4 but still.

    another thing, our foreign friends from ww and photo hunt, are doing memes almost everyday, they are into tags too pero me pr sila some of them have pr5 pa nga.

    google pr is getting really confusing, maloloka lang ako sa kakaisip hahaha.


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