On Hair Extensions

I was at the mall the other day and I saw a lot of hair extensions being sold. The salesperson said that most celebrities use hair extensions for that “quick fix”. That got me thinking, “What if I try hair extensions?” I don’t really have short hair but still, I envy those who can do a lot to their hair. With the hair, you can’t be careless. It is our crowning glory so it must always look its best.

Well, if any of you plan to get hair extensions as well, it would be best to go to a reputable hair extension salon so you can make sure that their stylists are specially trained to apply and remove hair extensions. You can also ask friends of yours who may have tried it in the past. As regards the price, it would be a good idea to compare first. You can check online for a list of reputable salons and see if their prices are published online.

Keep in mind that the hair, your real hair, is at stake should you consider getting extensions. So you need to be practical without sacrificing it.

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