On Garnier Light Eye Roll On

If you noticed in my profile picture at the side, I have a very prominent eye bags. Actually, this one is better than how I look right now. This picture was taken late last year when I was not yet pregnant and not that stressed. But when I welcomed 2009, I also welcomed plenty of stress and sleepless nights!

Anyway, since I want to improve how I look, I asked one of my friends who stays awake all night but have a lesser visibility of eye bags. I asked her what she is using. She immediately replied that she uses Garnier Light Eye Roll On to lighten and lessen the darkness of her eye bags.

After hearing my friend, I immediately visited Watsons at SM to see if they have one available. Unfortunately, they were out of stock by the time I visited them. So after a few months, I visited again and was able to grab one. It cost around Php300.00 for a small green stick.

When I got home, I immediately opened the box and read the instructions. Since there were no harmful chemicals (I am pregnant by the way), I immediately used it for few days and then totally forgot! So, I was not able to prove their advertisement that it can help lighten your dark eye bags in 14 days.

Oh well, I still have it here, inside our refrigerator. I plan to use it again while drinking lots of water as dermatologist advised. As for sleeping eight hours, I guess that is virtually impossible! I work mostly at night and with the baby coming, I guess I will have more.

Anyway, I will to make a follow-up post if it will really improve the dark spots under my eyes. I am still determine to look good and feel good even if I am a mother of three already. ^_^

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  1. Hi there 🙂

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your pregnancy, how far are you what's your due date hehe 🙂 sorry about all the questions, ever since I had my son I've been asking more motherly questions.

    Thank you entering into my give away and posting about it, Good luck!!! and Good luck with your pregnancy!!!! 🙂

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