Oh the Growing Pains

My friend’s son is being tormented. Well, not really, but you know how guys tease others who have not yet exactly grown taller? My friend’s son is not exactly short – not if you want to compare him with those in my generation, but yes, he is a bit on the short side when it comes to his generation. Now no matter how much we try to tell him that it is actually okay to be shorter than others especially when your parents are not exactly Avatars, but you get the drift.

Naturally, the kid got into a bit of tantrum because he thought he would be short until his death. Poor kid. Now my friend thought we should check out the best HGH supplement that we could find, but am not so sure. See, the kid is still 11 years old and there is a lot of room to grow from that.

However, research has shown that kids can still grow and even grow better given the right supplements and vitamins, so my friend is considering. Oh this growing taller process is a huge task. I hope he grows taller then.

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