Newest Fashion Discovery

There have been several social networks that have evolved and thrived over the internet. Most of those who have joined for the sake of what it benefits the user originally are there to enjoy and stay. Some, on the other hand, join for the purpose of marketing, whether it is the product or the person or the website or blog being exposed.

Twitter is for busy people who would like to make small announcements of whatever they want broadcasted. Facebook is for families and friends to connect in a more attached way. Pinterest is for bookmarking sites with pictures, generally what can be interesting to other people but for the pinner’s own way to go back to something they like. (Other bookmarkers are rigid in the sense that they are just that: bookmarkers, like Digg and StumbleUpon. You do not get social with them.)

There is a new social network and it focuses on fashion. CLOZETTE is much like Pinterest where you can add anything that has to do with fashion: clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty items. It can be flaunting your own or you can show off an idea of your own fashion sense. If you see something you like, you can also bookmark it to your own collection. One of the features here is the bazaar page were you can view fellow members fashion items on sale. Yup, you heard me right! Clozetee acts like an online store too!

At Clozette, you can create a store to sell all you fashion goodies. You can showcase your creation or sell those that are created by others. You can socialize with fellow fashionista and also earn money on the side!


  1. This certainly looks like an interesting discovery. It's nice to have this site which can provide style inspirations. 🙂

  2. TIS' amazing idea to have online stores like this!! Im selling some of the stuff as well on my fb but i don't have enough time to manage a real online store. but this one is so cool! xx

  3. This is great especially for Pinterest users who are into Fashion. At least, their boards will not be cluttered. Love the store feature as well.

  4. Awesome blog Sis! Definitely newest fashion discovery, I heard of Clozette somewhere.. Nice them.. so neat!

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