Need Help with a Friend and Instyler!

Next week will be our 10th Wedding Anniversary. I am so excited since 10 years is already a big milestone in our marriage life considering all the things we have gone through.

We are not planning for a big celebration on the date of our anniversary due to some financial restrictions. So, we are just going to celebrate it either at home or a simple dinner outside. The big plans will happen on the following week, around the first week of February to be exact. Maybe we will celebrate it with our family and some friends.

I am planning to be the best looking wife that day. I may not able to visit the parlor but maybe some of my friends equipped with their Instyler can create a beautiful me that day! I don’t know if I should straighten my hair or add curls to it but I am sure my friend and her Instyler can do it for me.

Oh well, I am excited. Aside from being beautiful that day, I am still short of days in finding his anniversary gift. I am planning that we should buy it together since I have no knowledge in body building equipments.

Anyway, will blog about is as soon as we celebrate our anniversary together. Hoping that it would be special for us!

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