Modern Scrubs

Basically, today, all types of medical uniforms that consist of the combination of a short-sleeved shirt plus pants are considered as scrubs. An example would be nursing scrubs that nurses use whenever they are on duty or in the surgery room.
There is no exact color designation, but it has been noted that the scrubs that are worn in surgery are usually solid light green, light green-blue, or light blue. Although there have been moves to change the colors to pink so as to prevent theft. Unlike the usual nurse uniform, the surgical scrubs are rarely owned by the wearer and are often the property of the hospital. This is because there are some issues when it comes to sterility as well as home laundering.
On the other hand, the scrubs that are not used for surgical use come in various colors and patterns. Sometimes the scrubs pant is made out of solid color, while the top is in some kind of colorful patterns that the makers have decided to use. Incidentally, the more colorful versions of scrub suits are used by nurses or doctors working in pediatrics in an attempt to make things lighter or cheerful. Some hospitals also have their own “hospital colors” used as scrubs for identification.
Aside from that, there are scrub caps that are often used in operating rooms rather than on a frequent basis. Although it used to be something more generic in appearance, some medical practitioners have started adding a little style to their scrubs by making their own caps or just purchasing some hats that are made out of eclectic fabric. Some of the popular styles that have gone popular through the ages include the hairnet-like hat, the bouffant style, the milkmaid, as well as the bonnet-like wrap hat. Either way, it is now the call of the hospital if they allow such mode of clothing or not.

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