Miscellaneous Ramblings on Homeschooling

As a mom I want the best for my children. I want them to have the best of what life has to offer especially when it comes to education and values. That is the reason why I am contemplating of getting my children into homeschooling. I believe homeschooling can help children develop proper values while learning the facts.

I am looking for establishments here in our place that could provide me some homeschooling curriculum and can help my children get accreditation in our education department. I know there is a place in Manila but not here in Bacolod. I am also looking for support groups that can guide me on how to do homeschooling properly and successfully.

And because I wanted to learn more about homeschooling my children successfully, I opted to search for homeschooling curriculum online. I wish to see what the lessons that are being taught by parents to their children according to credited resources.

Anyway, I have three children. Two school aged children while the youngest is still a baby. If I do homeschooling, that would pose a great challenge to my skills as a mom and teacher as one. Can I do it? Will the children like it? Well, time will tell!

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