Made to Measure Experience

Considering that I am a dwarf, you might think it not surprising that I am forced into made to measure and custom fitted clothes. It is not the case that this is the norm, for unexpectedly a great number of friends, who happen also to be dwarfs, choose clothes taken from disparate sources, often collecting pieces from over the years which are adapted, happen to fit or made by brands which cater specifically for our body types. The later, I must add, although providing a highly valuable and needed product, also have a limited and out of date array in their collections. Their important and worthwhile existence in catering for the minority also suffers from the fact that with a smaller cliental, there is less push to remain up to date and certainly less need to roll with the short seasons that we see within mainstream fashion.

Saying this, I do choose to have clothes custom fit, and not just any, but desire those made with the finest merino wools, cottons and cashmeres and with those traditional shapes which mark out the gentleman from the man. I alighted at Crombie, the long time luxury menswear house recently and have since been enamoured by their clothing and service.

At my recent wedding I wore a custom made suit by Crombie. We chose Crombie’s wedding suits service as we wanted matching suits for the ceremony. Considering that my partner is not a dwarf, this desire was a challenging request, but Crombie dealt with it wonderfully, providing my partner and I with an incredible experience and beautiful attire. The men’s dinner suits and women’s suit jackets which the rest of the ‘groom’s men and women’ wore were also a hit. We needed a look which would incorporate everyone’s different needs and requests – and the made to measure service did this, enabling everyone to shine in their own way.

I doff my hat to those companies which provide for those of ‘different’ body types, but I really do bow to those surviving companies which consistently provide an adaptable but firmly traditional and highly luxurious array of fashion and accessories.


Crombie’s made to measure service

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