Looking Young

The human growth hormone has been associated with vertical growth. But I also know that it is associated to looking young on the outside and staying young on the inside. According to my friend who used to sell a product with human growth hormone, hgh helps in the renewal of cells of the body and thus helps keep the skin looking young.

What she did not like about that hgh formula that they had was that it came in a tub of powder and you have to mix the powder in water to drink it. Needless to say, it does not taste very good. So if ever I am going to take it, I would appreciate it very much if it comes in capsule form. I am considering taking this because I am already approaching middle age and would like very much to maintain youth and to delay ageing because I still have young kids and would like to keep up with them. I would like to be alive and strong for the most memorable moments in our lives.

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