Looking Good with Inexpensive Jewelry

I often see people wearing plastic or custom jewelry. In fact, I know some people who prefer wearing because it’s less expensive than real ones. There are fancy jewelries which look real but then these usually are made of materials that tarnish over time so even if they look pretty initially, the look will fade because of wear and tear. Besides, most fancy jewelries are not hypo-allergenic and may cause rashes. So if you were to ask me, I would rather settle for inexpensive sterling silver jewelry that’s made of genuine precious metal than waste my money on fancy ones that are only good for one use.

I actually prefer silver jewelry over gold. In my opinion, silver is more elegant and dramatic. Silver jewelry is also very easy to match with any color of dress so it’s very versatile. I’m actually looking for a pair of sterling silver inexpensive earrings that I can wear for everyday use. Since most of my jewelries are silver, it wouldn’t be hard for me to mix and match the pieces I have. The good thing about sterling silver jewelries is that it’s not very hard to find them in jewelry stores and even in online shops.
I also plan to buy matching inexpensive necklaces for me and my kids. I don’t think buying inexpensive pieces is a sign of stinginess. Rather, it’s exercising practicality and frugality. Times like these, buying jewelries at exorbitant prices is senseless. This is especially true since it is now possible to buy genuine pieces at cheap prices. You just need to have a good eye for beautiful pieces, pieces that look expensive. As long as you know how to carry yourself well, you’d still be able to look good even if you’re wearing inexpensive jewelry. All it takes is a bit of sense, style and practicality.


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