Let Us Take Care of Our Bodies

Who wouldn’t agree with me when I say that being a mother is like being superwoman? We’re all sorts of things rolled into one. A mother can be a cook, teacher, best friend, nurse, doctor, motivator and bread winner on top of being a wife and homemaker. A car engine can break down if it’s overworked and overused, right? But with all the things mothers do, it’s quite surprising that they don’t seem to break down at all.

Of course, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So I’m imploring all the mothers out there who are reading this. Let us all start taking multivitamins to up our defenses against unnecessary sickness and the likes. We can’t let our guards down. Our families need us and we can only do so much if we’re saddles with ailments of different sorts.

I guess I’m telling you all these because I am trying to convince myself to start taking care of my body better. I know I lack in that department but I resolve to do something about it while I still can.


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