Juvenile Arthritis

Last 2008, I started receiving complaints from my oldest child in the middle of the night. She said that her bones were hurting. At first, I thought she was just pulling a trick on me but when she cried, I knew something has gone wrong. So, I immediately searched the internet and one probable cause was juvenile arthritis.

Upon knowing this, I was caught alarmed on the matter since I didn’t have any idea that arthritis can occur in children. I only thought that older people are the only ones who are suffering from this.

Anyway, I checked for possible ways to lessen the pain and I was led to topics on treatments for rheumatoid arthritis which is for grown adults like me.

So, I decided to educate my child regarding the pain and how to manage it. I also told her to stop excessive physical play and drink lots of milk. Now, she haven’t complain to me a single pain. Thank God!

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