I Heart Pearls

Just like what I have said before, I am not a vain person but I have an eye for fashionable clothes and beautiful jewelry. I always dig for affordable ones so that I can always look good without destroying my family’s budget.

Speaking about jewelries, I love wearing silver and pearls. I believe that these two emphasizes stunning simplicity and elegance. When worn, you don’t have to worry if they match your clothes or not. They are perfect in all sorts of clothes!

Anyway, just the other day, I bought a complete set of affordable silvery jewelries. Now, I wanted to buy a set of pearls as my next project from my income. So I opted to search online just to canvass on the design as well as the prize.

In my search, luckily, I found www.purepearls.com. They have many astonishing pieces with such majestic designs. Aside from that, they have pearly jewelries that have prices ranging from $100 to $1000. And the best of all, they have pearls under $100!

As I browsed the site, I saw this beautiful set of akoya pearls. They looked simple but so elegant. It reminded me of my first set of pearl jewelry that was given to me. I have two sets of pearl jewelry that has creamy white colors.

Since I already have creamy white pearls, I got my eyes fixed on the Tahitian pearls they have at the store. Tahitian pearls carries a classic and timeless silvery grayish color, I felt so attracted to it. Check the picture below:

Anyway, I am still undecided what to buy as the store boasts many varieties of pearls such as Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater and South Sea pearls and all of these come in many different settings. They also have cultured and wild collected pearls that simply amaze me.

By the way, if you are looking for pearls too, I suggest you check out their site. I am sure you will find something you will dearly like there too!

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