Hoping for My Dream Ride

In one of my blogs, I have written about a list of cars that I like to hopefully own someday. One of these cars that I liked was a Chevrolet Silverado. I preferred this kind of car because I think it’s is looks pretty cool for a mom like me. I also like cars that can be used both for business and pleasure.

Though I am already eying out for our family transportation someday, I am still having problems in getting a driver’s license. Not that I am afraid to take the government’s driving test and answer those questions about driving and common troubleshooting like a brake job, I just don’t have the time yet. I know there is so much to learn not only in theory but physically driving around to practice but I still have other priorities right now like my 4 month old baby.

Anyway, I just hope someday when I apply for a driver’s license, they will just test me on how to drive. If I need to fix my car, there are many places where I can get such services like ones in Dallas auto repair shops.

Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for the day that I am ready to get my driver’s license and my ride. And, I am hoping that would be soon. ^_^

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