Herpes Cure

A friend of mine who is in his early 70s suddenly developed what looked like blisters on his skin. We wondered if it is just plain allergy. Because of his ageing skin that is already dark and wrinkly, we could really recognize the things that were growing on him. But upon closer look, we noticed that the blisters looked similar to the chicken pox blisters.

The next day, he went to the doctor and it was learned indeed it was herpes of chicken pox origin, the kind that occurs when you are already advancing in age. While we gain immunity to chicken pox when we get it while we are still young, people in their 60s are prone to be infected once again. The herpes cure was actually pretty simple. My friend was told to just stay away from children and other people who have not had a chicken pox breakout. Then he was given some medicines to take in order to manage the pain.

I think it took about week, but he is all good now. The medicines were just expensive though.

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