Goldsign, L’Agence, Odd Molly

Forgetting about dresses, blouses could be seen as the epitome of femininity with their subtle shades, silken fabrics and elegant fits and finishes. L’Agence prides themselves for their ability to combine classic silhouettes with the finest fabrics, whilst keeping their firm focus on ‘affordable luxury’. Their Band Collar Blouse in Red Geo Print and in Brown Scarf Print is perfect looking to comfortable, stylish and smart summer wear. Light and airy, with feminine patterns and shapes, these blouses can be worn on many occasions, whether it is work in the city or a picnic in the countryside.

For an extra touch of summer, Goldsign’s Unique 4 Pocket Flare Jeans in Divine, a clean and brilliant white, keep the balance between patterns by being plain and therefore naturally accentuates the blouse. As a flare, they are beautifully shaped, slim to the knee before smoothly widening like a crescendo down to the hem. The two large front pockets provide a retro touch, mush in the same way as the geometrical prints on the L’Agence blouse.

Finally, instead of dragging a heavy winter coat for the summer months, a knit jacket may be the answer. It is often difficult to know how the weather will progress during the day and whether you are inside or out can make a major difference. Perhaps inside there is a bit of a cold breeze or even inside your boss likes the air conditioning to be freezing temperatures. The Jumble Knit Coat in Dark Grey by Odd Molly is a cardigan that is not as heavy or thick as a coat, which would work well with the L’Agence blouse, as the blouses band collar would not crowd your neck, leaving you room to breathe. Altogether, this outfit is reminiscent of the desirable yummy-mummy style merged with a relaxed, on-trend professional look that is bound to both impress others and feel comfortable and right for you.

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