For Ladies Only

Women do have a lot of concerns. Aside from being wives and mothers, we are also the budget officer and in some cases (like mine), we also work to add to the household income.

We have a lot of stressors already and to top it all off, we are expected by society (and some husbands) to maintain a wrinkle free face and a model like figure. When a woman has children, she also has the concern for the removal of stretch marks. There is only a small percentage of women who do not have stretch marks during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Sadly, only few women are blessed enough to have husbands who can accept them for what they are now. Some are being ostracized while others are being left for younger and sexier catches. It is hard enough being a wife and mother, but it is so much harder is you are accepted only for your external value. After all, it is fading.

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