Diamond Rings for the Ladies

Jewelry shopping is not in my list of priorities right now especially since we will be moving anytime soon and I need to have enough funds for the transition. But of course that doesn’t that I don’t think about buying jewelry for myself and for my kids.
In fact, I’m already trying to find out how much a few pieces of 1.5 carat diamond cost. Perhaps it would be a good idea to buy several pieces at once and maybe I’d get a discount. I’d rather buy the pieces uncut and just have the jeweler resize it to fit in on the ring designs I will choose. I’m going to have to search for 1.5 carat diamond ring, platinum, price at some websites so I’ll have an idea how a custom made platinum diamond ring would cost me.
I also plan to canvass for the price of 1.5 carat black diamond ring for my mom. I’m sure a black diamond will look good on her. I’d probably also look for .50 carat diamond price so I can have diamond rings made for my two daughters. It’s good to invest on diamonds because they increase in value over time.

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