Designer Handbags: Expensive, Yes.But Are You Worth It?

For most women they can never have enough shoes or handbags. Although most women only dream of owning designer handbags, they may be able to do it for less than they think. There are several new businesses popping up that allow a woman the chance to experience what it is like to carry designer handbags each and every day.
The premise behind this idea is considered brilliant by many women. Designer handbags cost a lot to purchase. For most women the $1000 to $2000 they would spend on the handbag is better directed towards something like rent or groceries. They simply do not have the extra income needed to purchase such an expensive luxury item. With a service that loans out designer handbags a woman can feel like a wealthy princess without having to spend a small fortune.
For a set fee each month a woman can purchase a membership at a website that loans out designer handbags. The membership fee includes the rental of 4 to 6 bags per month as well as shipping and insurance. The woman picks which handbag she would enjoy using for the week and it is then couriered directly to her front door. Once the week is up she chooses another bag and sends this one back as the next one is shipped to her.
Some women scoff at the idea saying that it is unappealing to use the same designer handbags that countless other women are using. Although they certainly can not be termed new, they are always in very good condition. When you consider that many women enjoy having new handbags to complement new outfits on a regular basis, it is easy to see that this type of designer handbag rental service fills a niche.
Finding one of these sites is as simple as doing a fast Internet search. Once you find the site take a few moments to look over their terms and also to browse through the inventory of designer handbags that they have available. Note how many handbags are currently out on loan and how many are available for rental. This will give you a good idea of how likely you are to receive the handbag of your choosing.
As with any item that you have on loan it is wise to take extra good care of designer handbags. Try to ensure that any cosmetics you carry in them are placed in a small makeup bag as to prevent unnecessary soiling. Do not put any food or beverage items in the borrowed handbags either.
Using one of these types of services is an ideal way for a woman to have the opportunity to carry designer handbags at a fraction of the cost. It is also wise in that styles change quickly and investing several thousand dollars in a handbag that will be out of style next year seems foolish. If you instead pay the monthly fee you will have continued access to all the new styles.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea to save money and to get the perfect bag for that special occaision.

    Do you think they will expand into hats one day too?

    I've been able to save some money by buying Fashion Bags online. You can avoid pesky tax so you can splash out on other accessories.

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