Chinese Beauty Products

A lot of us Filipina women like to us China made products. I am not sure if it is because these Chinese beauty products are cheap, effective, or because we are convinced that the native Chinese women used them too and thus have given them their beautiful and supple skin. There was a couple of Chinese creams that were so popular back then in the 80s and I remember many women using them. At nighttime, the women would have really white faces because of them. I wonder if their husbands ever kissed them with those creams!

But anyway, many women also used them as acne cream, but the results did not turn out well. As in their acne worsened. It is because those Chinese creams leaned more to the whitening effect and did not really have pimple busting formulas. So many women found themselves with more pimples to handle because of those Chinese creams.

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