Cars and Women

When you see a car and a woman in a magazine it is like seeing bread and butter or coffee and creamer. These visual presentations are inseparable not only in print but with product displays too. I remember when there was a car show at the mall, a Ford Explorer was displayed and a beautiful woman was standing beside it giving out fliers about the said car. So when you see car shows, you are bound to see women around them.

By the way, if they could place women on car shows, why wouldn’t they do this at car repair shops and accessories to have women sell their parts? Is it hard to find a woman who knows what a head gasket is? Couldn’t these shops find a knowledgeable woman on cars? Or they just prefer men on shops like this?
Anyway, do you think it’s possible to have women in auto repair shops too? Don’t you think it would be great if you drive into a Los Angeles auto repair shop and find a woman to tinker it for you? I think it is cool to have an auto repair woman to fix my car. It would be nice to see women not only as displays with cars but fully knowledgeable to cars and anything to do with it!


  1. haha this is a funny observation. i remembered that during an expo i attended one of the big 3 oil companies had an exhibit. and their girls wore hot pants. as in. hay…i don't understand the logic really.

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