Black and Gold

I love to accessorize. I think that accessories complete an outfit. I especially love bangles and necklaces that match my dress. I like silver or white gold jewelry, as well as glass jewelry, like the Murano Glass jewelry.
Browsing their online catalogue, I especially fell in love with the Murano Glass Necklace in Black/Gold. It was listed under their luxury necklaces. I loved how they combined black and gold. I usually use white gold or silver jewelry with my black items, but I did not know that gold also looks good with black. Of course, there were so many Murano Glass necklaces to choose from but that particular item caught my fancy. Can I possibly get it for myself for Christmas? That is if nobody gives that to me, then I will get one as a gift for myself. After all, I have worked really hard all year and I think I also deserve a special treat.


  1. amo momi, get something special for yourself. last time, i started buying a jewelry piece during my bday. maski barato lang. te after 2 years, na stop ko. did not buy anything for me this year. medyo namigado gid. hehe te dasun naman a. indi man need, but something for ourselves man a.

  2. You should def. consider getting yourself a gift. You are right, you do deserve a special treat. I say go for it.

    – Timantha

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