Belly Dancing vs. Sit-Ups

Several weeks ago, I watched a TV documentary and the show featured belly dancing. According to the documentary, what was originally a traditional dance for Middle Eastern countries is now the hype when it comes to losing unwanted flab around the stomach area. So, whatever happened to sit-ups? I seemed to have gotten lost in translation but the last time I checked, sit-ups was the number one solution for people who wanted to find out how to get rid of belly fat.

It seems that all those grinding and what-not associated with belly dancing does a lot to get rid of fat around the tummy. But then some who have tried it said that belly dancing can only do so much. Yes, you can get rid of belly fat but the skin around your belly sags afterwards. Whereas when you do sit-ups, your stomach muscles contract and firms up.
I wonder which one would work for me? It’s nice to try something new, like belly dancing. But at the same time, if I really want to get rid of belly fat, I think it’s better to just stick to the norm.


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