Being the Best that I Can Be

I want to be the best that I can be not only for myself but all the more so for my children. I guess it’s true that once you become a parent, your priorities in life change. It’s no longer “me” I think about but “my kids” and what I can do to make their lives happier and more comfortable.

I am aware, though, that I am not getting any younger so I need to start taking care of my body. I actually am thinking of taking hgh supplements to help increase my energy and also to somehow slow down my aging. I can’t very well perform to the best level if I succumb to premature aging, right? I bet I can be the best I can be as a SAHM if I took supplements like that.

But I guess I still need do further research about it just to see if it’s alright for women to take it. I’ve been reading a lot about hgh and I’m thinking it wouldn’t be given all the hype if it wasn’t effective.

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