Badly Need an Acne Scar Treatment

After my acne breakout last week, I think I need an acne scar treatment. I unconsciously pricked my acne causing for it to bleed and probably will result into scar in the next few weeks. 🙁

I already promised myself that I won’t prick my acne zits but sometimes when you are busy doing something and get unconsciously irritated by the acne itch or you started feeling uncomfortable, you end up pricking it or rubbing it. My forehead acne breakouts are OK but those that grew under my nose are in trouble. I got them bleeding every time I unconsciously rub my nose.

Anyway, I just hope I will be able to find an affordable acne scar treatment product. I badly need one to cover this ugly scar!

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  1. me too. i have got several on my face right now. buhuhu it’s a homonal thing and it just plain sucks. up until now, at 35, i still get pimples. buhuhu and i thought acne was only for teenagers!

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