Acne Solutions

Recently, I chatted with a friend who has been complaining about her facial condition. It is not very serious but she gets like a few really big ones every month where several pores in one area get infected and the whole thing becomes a giant mound of infected pus. She feels really icky, especially when she tries to extract the infected liquid from her pores. However, she says that is the fastest way to get her pimples to clear up—to remove the pus.

She could have easily gone to the derma but I have to agree with her that having such a condition every month especially before and during her period where hormonal imbalance is wreaking havoc on her skin, it can be really expensive. And having a child, well, we mothers all know that our personal pleasures are usually put on hold.

I wonder if there is something at that can help her. Of course we know that there are some products that work on others but do not affect others. I sure wish I can help her with her skin condition. Maybe I will do some research.

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