A New Watch For the New Year

A resolution to always on time this year for all your appointments, meetings and deadlines will only yield positive results so I am really going for it. I have purchased this inspiring planner to help me plan this year in an orderly and organized manner and I am planning to do more adjustments and improvements in different aspects of my life as I work to reach the goals I have set out to achieve this 2014. I know these sacrifices, no matter how small or big they may be, will have a very major impact in the realization of my new year goals and ultimately my lifetime plans.

Another thing I am eyeing this year is to get me one of those G-Shocks from Reeds.com or similar timepieces. It is a great idea to have a good and dependable watch to help me arrive to meetings on time and beat all my pressing deadline. Am going to have to work harder to save enough cash for a nice brand, but a new watch for this new year can very well be a very good investment.

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